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Status in the Camarilla

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Status in the Camarilla

Post  Admin on Wed May 19, 2010 9:09 pm

Status: An Introduction
Status n., [[L, standing]] position, rank.
Status is the term that defines the level of trustworthiness or respect within Camarilla Society. It determines the weight with which a Kindred's word should be regarded, as well as the "pecking order" within Kindred society. It is a resume of adjectives that define character, rank, and standing in the Camarilla. Simply put, those with more status can demand respect from, or even ignore, those with less. In cases where there is a dispute between Kindred and the evidence is lacking, Status, and who has more of it, is always the deciding factor in who is right.
Within the Camarilla, there are many traits that are used to define a Vampire. The following adjectives are a sample of the most common forms of Camarilla Status: Acknowledged, Admired, Adored, Cherished, Esteemed, Exalted, Famous, Faultless, Feared, Honorable, Influential, Just, Praised, Respected, Revered, Trustworthy, Well-Connected, and Well-Known.
These adjectives are a matter of public record, and while they give a general idea of the lay of the land, there's a lot of nuanced detail in between that the official records don't reflect.

Gaining Acknowledgement
Until a vampire leaves the Accounting and gains Acknowledgment in the Camarilla, She has no Status. If she is found guilty of even a minor crime, both she and her sire could face destruction.
Once her sire feels comfortable that she has learned the laws and social graces of their society, she may be presented to a Primogen. The Primogen will then decide if this new member of the clan is worthy to represent the clan on her own. If the Primogen rejects the candidate, she will have to work harder under the Accounting to make an impression on her parent clan. Childer without Status may be destroyed by their Sire without official consequences, as those under the Accounting do not have Hospitality.
Once the vampire has her first Status Trait, she is responsible for her own actions and expected to uphold the Traditions of the Camarilla. Acknowledgement is always the first status trait given to a member of the Camarilla. A Kindred is only Acknowledged once. This is not to be confused with the Tradition of Hospitality, which each kindred must receive from the Prince of any Domain they enter. Without Hospitality, kindred cannot claim any of the status they hold while in said Domain.
System: Acknowledgement is usually free upon character generation. It is inferred that a character has already undergone the rigors of the Accounting. Some players may choose to begin under the Accounting, though. Plus, in-game embraces do happen. So the system for gaining Acknowledgement is quite important.

Status in Sacramento:

Court and Council:

Nathaniel Crocker (Prince): Exalted, Famous, Well Known, Just, Influential, Cherished, Revered, Honorable
Rebecca Morgan (Seneschal, Nosferatu Primogen): Cherished, Esteemed, Feared, Revered, Influential, Praised, Honorable
Melinda Carson (Toreador Primogen): Revered, Cherished, Esteemed, Adored, Admired, Honorable
Anastacia Winton (Toreador Primogen): Revered, Well-Connected, Cherished, Adored, Admired, Praised
Vincent Wright (Malkavian Primogen): Revered, Admired, Famous, Esteemed, Praised
Oliver Drake (Keeper of Elysium, Tremere Primogen): Revered, Honorable, Influential, Esteemed, Well-Connected
Erica Valdez (Ventrue Primogen): Revered, Cherished, Influential, Trustworthy
Jason Ellis (Harpy and Ventrue Primogen): Influential, Revered, Famous, Feared
Jack Carter (Brujah Primogen): Revered, Esteemed, Respected
Doc Holliday (Sheriff): Feared, Admired, Honorable


Gabriel Phillips: Admired, Well-Connected, Respected, Honorable

John Marshall (Deputy Keeper of Elysium): Feared, Respected, Honorable

Tony Caliban: Respected, Honorable
Eleanor Crane: Trustworthy, Honorable
Joel Pierson (Deputy Sheriff): Cherished, Feared
Mizuto Kashiwagi: Honorable, Esteemed
Victoria Robertson: Cherished, Esteemed
Evolutio: Respected, Admired

Samantha Wolf : Respected
Tinker: Esteemed
Derek Serra (Deputy Sheriff): Feared
Jared Larsen: Praised
Mairi Serai: Cherished

Acknowledged Only:

Janie Harris
William Thorpe
Jay Law
Robert Carey
David St. Augustine
Chris Demar
Mae Temple (Esteemed Sire)*
Patrick Adamson

Under Accounting:
Danielle DuBois

Ghouls are nothing more than property. They are servants who perform functions that are usually below the station of most Kindred. When a Prince recognizes a ghoul in his Domain, that ghoul carries the Status of Recognized, which is similar to a Status Trait but only for the purpose of confirming presentation to the Prince. It may not be used in any other manner related to Status, and does not make the ghoul an Acknowledged member of the Camarilla. In a conflict between ghouls the relative status of their regnant may be considered. Ghouls need not be Recognized, but having your ghoul recognized gives you some limited recourse should someone attempt to poach or meddle with them.

Recognized Ghouls in Sacramento:
(That have appeared in the story. There are many more that have not been named.)
Chris Ferguson
Jericho Graves
Irina DiSanti
Alex Carter
Devon Grey
Jessica Shattuck

Special Snowflakes
Nathaniel Crocker of Sacramento has, thus far, awarded one special status award to a non-Kindred. Willow Riorden of the River Valley Lupine Sept carries the status of Tolerated. This means that it is considered acceptable to consider her party to the Masquerade, and that The Cornucopia Project facility is treated as if it were the Domain of an Acknowledged Kindred. Other non-Kindred may eventually gain this status as well.

Non-Camarilla Clans and Status

Kindred who are not members of one of the six Camarilla clans usually have a significantly more difficult time acquiring credibility and political weight within the Camarilla. This is less true in Crocker's more egalitarian Domain, where those who are acknowledged members of the Camarilla and adhere to its precepts tend to be judged on their merits when all other factors are equal. Those who are NOT members of the Camarilla in this Domain are expected to adhere to its laws anyway, and will be dealt with harshly.

Granting Status:
Any Kindred may grant a Permanent Status Trait to another Kindred if they are of the same clan and they have more than double the Permanent Status of the individual receiving the Status. This costs the Kindred doing the granting one Temporary Status and the award must be made publicly.

Stripping Status:
Note: Acknowledgement is the last Status Trait that can be stripped from a Kindred. All other Status must be removed, either permanently or temporarily, in order to then remove Acknowledgement.
Any Kindred of higher Status may remove Permanent Status from Kindred of lower Status at the cost of one Permanent Status Trait per Trait removed.
A Clan may remove one Status Trait from an elder of the same clan by collectively expending Permanent Status Traits equal to the elder's Permanent Status Traits.

Prestigious Sire acts as phantom Status. The Kindred with this merit is simply perceived as having one higher Status than she actually does, and will garner more respect in social situations. This phantom Status does not get logged with the Harpy, nor are they considered to be Personal Status Traits. No Harpy can strip these Merits.


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Boons and Prestation

Post  ST Team on Sat Aug 03, 2013 10:02 pm

Boons: Introduction
Prestation is the monetary system of the Kindred. Boons should be considered a form of currency among the Kindred and are taken very, very seriously.
Whenever someone does a favor for a Kindred, beyond that individual's expected duty or station, she is expected to fulfill an obligation to repay the debt. It is important that she repays any Prestation debts, and it is important that she be sure that all the debts to her are upheld. In the event that a Kindred feels that another owes her a Boon for some reason, she may demand a Boon from them and any negotiations must be settled between the two and the Harpy.
Kindred are often offered favors by others, and when this occurs there can be a number of different reactions. It is dangerous to offer someone a boon, especially to those of lower status, as you never know when or how it might be called due. Moreover, once the boon is given, the granter has no say in what will be requested in return.
The ability to demand a boon is a demonstration of power. Thus, many Kindred search for ways to 'assist' their fellows (even if they have to arrange those circumstances necessitating their assistance).
The chart below lists examples to be used as a general guideline for determining the value of a Boon. Obviously, these are not the only acts that could constitute the existence of a Boon.

Trivial Boon: One-time favors, unsolicited information, watching over someone for an evening, aiding someone with a Discipline, supporting someone's political move, helping with a plan, etc
Minor Boon: The task performed can last more than one evening and generally requires some sort inconvenience. Providing needed information of crucial value, instruction in a rare Ability, using Influences or Resources to aid another, minor Political maneuvering/sway, acting as a bodyguard for an extended amount of time, facilitating passage through a hostile territory, disposing of a threat, helping carry out a plan, important advice, etc.
Major Boon: Great expenditure of time or resources, instruction in a Discipline, purchasing a location to serve as someone's Haven, exchange of controversial information, major political maneuvering/sway, helping someone get out of trouble, etc.
Blood Boon: Coming to someone's aid and suffering injury, being willing to shed blood, saving the life of a Kindred's immediate kin, instruction in a clan-specific discipline, etc.
Life Boon:Saving another from certain death when ones own life is in peril.

The listed values of Boons can be adjusted based on the Status levels of the Kindred involved. Obviously, no self respecting Harpy would allow a six Status elder to owe a one Status neonate a Life Boon. Regardless of the facts in the case, a neonate saving an elder is not usually possible, as the elder was probably not in as much danger as the neonate thinks. On the other side of the coin, a powerful elder may pull a neonate from harm's way with little effort on her part, therein reducing the literal value of a Boon. These complicated adjudications make the job of the Harpy difficult at best, as she is under constant scrutiny to make the choice that pleases the 'authorities.'
Two Kindred who agree upon a Boon have the option of registering it with the Harpy. If they do so, they run the risk that the Harpy will discuss the matter with others (although this is bad etiquette on the part of the Harpy). If they do not, however, there is no guarantee that the Harpy will enforce the Boon, even if a complaint is brought up later.

Trading Boons
Boons may be traded between Kindred. Such a transfer must be registered with a Harpy in order to be acknowledged, though the reason for the transfer need not be registered.

Boons and Stations
Doing things that are expected of a Kindred will usually not lead to a Boon being bestowed. As an example, if the Keeper of Elysium is able to cover a Masquerade breech, then it is within the expectations of her duty and there are no Boons awarded. The Harpy is charged with the positional responsibility of adjudicating the worthiness of a Boon if it ever comes to question.

Non-Camarilla Supernaturals and the Prestation system
Non-Camarilla Supernaturals have no onus to repay boons that they may owe, and they have no voice or standing in the Camarilla with which to secure that debt. Who is going to make sure that a Giovanni pays you back for the help you gave her? The Harpy does not care about Independents. Therefore, Camarilla Kindred deal in Boons with non-Camarilla at their own risk. Boons from Ghouls are not considered worthy of note, though sometimes a boon may be owed to the regnant.

The Company You Keep

Your character's friends and allies reflect on the nuances of your status. For example, the relatively low status that Samantha Wolf has is bolstered by public knowledge of her close relationship with Rebecca Morgan. Whereas association with someone poorly thought of can cost you some of that nuanced status, there are those who think less of Rebecca because of her association with the no-name Rabble on her arm.
Status awarded by the opposition to the Prince will be given less weight by the loyalists, and vice-versa.
Also, even your staunchest allies can be forced to stand by and watch you fall by the redemption of a boon by your enemy. Be careful who you owe and what.
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