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Formatting and posting conventions

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Formatting and posting conventions

Post  Admin on Wed Oct 07, 2009 4:35 pm

A Storyteller's pretty please ...

So, um, Tinker's not the only one around here who is a little OCD. While you aren't going to get kicked out of game for any of this, these are our preferred posting conventions.

The preferred format for posting here is writing in present tense, because the scene is being described to the other players as it unfolds. We prefer a narrative posting style with dialogue in quotations, rather than unquoted dialogue with actions marked by asterix(es? i?).

Please mostly stick with black on white, don't make your dialogue a different color. If you want to do it once in a while for emphasis, that is ok, just don't make a habit of it. Italics, bolding, underlining, strikethroughs are all fine, but keep the text rightside up and rightway around, please. Please upload an avatar. If you need help finding/building one, just ask, we're happy to do it.

~italic text~ is a thought. Unless it is indicated that this thought shows on the character's face, or you are somehow reading their mind, that thought is out of character information.

:italic text: is telepathic communication. Unless you are the intended recipient, you cannot hear or perceive it.

We're more interested in storytelling than in obsessively keeping secrets. We trust you to keep out of character information that you are privvy to out of character. Sometimes it is awesome to know that your character is walking into an ambush.

Feel free to send messages to the storytellers via email to the gmail account that you got your invitation from, aandr.admin, or via private message.

(ooc comments should go in parentheses like this)

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