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Basic Creation Overview

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Basic Creation Overview

Post  Admin on Tue Sep 29, 2009 7:41 pm

Once you have an approved character concept, use this overview of character creation, to help guide you through the process. Consult Vampire: The Masquerade Revised Edition WW2300 and your appropriate Clanbook for details. If you have an approved Garou concept, we'll sit down with you. Submit your character to the ST team (AandR dot Admin at gmail dot com) when it is completed for approval and account activation.

Character Creation Overview

Step One: Character Concept
Choose Concept, Nature and Demeanor. Choose Clan for Kindred.
Step Two: Select Attributes
Prioritize primary, secondary, and tertiary Attribute categories (7/5/3; 5 freebies per dot).
Step Three: Select Abilities
Prioritize primary, secondary, and tertiary Ability categories (13/9/5; 2 freebies per dot).
Step Four: Select Advantages
Select Backgrounds (5; 1 freebie per dot) and Virtues (7; 2 freebies per dot). Select Disciplines (3; 7 freebies per dot) for vampire characters.
Step Five: Last Touches
Note your character's Humanity (Conscience + Self-Control) and Willpower (3 for mortals, equal to Courage for vampires; both Humanity and Willpower are 1 freebie per dot). Note your character's Blood Pool for vampire characters. Select up to 7 points of Flaws. Spend freebie points (15).

Character Concept
Choose your Concept, your Nature (who you really are) and your Demeanor (what you show other people you are). Choose your Clan if you are creating a vampires character.

Select Attributes
-Prioritize each category.
-Rate each attribute in each category
-Each attribute gets one free dot

Select Abilities
-Prioritize each category
-Choose and rate Talents, Skills and Knowledges

Select Advantages
-Choose and rate Disciplines (for vampires)
-Choose and rate Backgrounds
-Rate Virtues (each Virtue gets one free dot)

Finishing Touches
-Record Humanity (equal to Conscience + Self control)
-Record Willpower (equal to Courage for vampires; 3 for mortals)
-Record Blood pool (for vampires; based on Generation)
8th- 15 max pool (3 per turn) We are not currently allowing new 8th Generation PCs.
9th- 14 max pool (2 per turn) We are not currently allowing new 9th Generation PCs.
10th- 13 max pool (1 per turn)
11th- 12 max pool (1 per turn)
12th- 11 max pool (1 per turn)
13th- 10 max pool (1 per turn)

Choose up to 7 points of Flaws. All flaws are subject to ST approval.

Spend Freebie Points and Points gained from Flaws. All merits are subject to ST approval. The general limit on Merits is 7 points.

If you want a flaw or merit not listed in the main rulebook, let us know where to find it and we'll consider it. Custom creations are not forbidden; if you've got a great idea, pitch it to us.

Assign specialties to any attributes or abilities with a rating of 4 or above.

Max trait rating is 5 (excluding willpower and Humanity/Path scores). Humanity is the default for Kindred. In order to go onto a path, you have to play out the humanity loss. When you get to three points of humanity, then you can find someone to lead you onto a path.

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Ghoul Discipline rules

Post  ST Team on Fri Dec 04, 2009 2:09 pm

Ghoul discipline limits are based on Regnant's generation:
11th - 13th: Max level 1
9th - 10th: Max level 2
7th - 8th: Max level 3
5th - 6th: Max level 4
4th: Max level 5

Ghouls have two in-clan Disciplines: Potence and one other known by the Regnant as an in-clan Discipline. All other Disciplines are improved at the out of clan experience cost. Ghouls are assumed to have 3 Blood Traits to fuel Disciplines or other abilities (healing, increasing stats, etc.).
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