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A word about rules

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A word about rules

Post  Admin on Sun Sep 27, 2009 9:26 pm

Rule One, and what should be everybody's primary goal, is "Let's all have fun while telling a good story." This might require some house rules, some bending of the source material, and a bit of poetic license. This game and site is a work in progress. As house rules are developed, they will be posted here.

You may catch us borrowing source material from non-WOD sources. NPC's that are ghosts, magic users and fae may appear, and may not bear any resemblance to Wraith, Mage or Changeling.

All of the rules, house and (the contradictory, unclear and occasionally nonsensical) ones in the books, are open for discussion, as long as the discussion remains polite, and as long as it is understood that the ST's do have the final say on the ruling. We may make a ruling that seems arbitrary and unfair, if we do it is likely because something will upset game balance, be unfair to another player in a way you can't see, or the discussion is dragging on and upsetting the flow of the game. Please ask for an explantion if you want one.

Rule One, and Rule Zero (RL comes first) are way more important here than anything in the books. If you are not having fun, talk to one of the storytellers. We'll try to help. If you need to take a break for a while, do it. If you need more than a week or so, try to wrap up any cliffhangers first, or let the ST's know and we'll notify any other players affected.

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