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Non-micromanagement Policy

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Non-micromanagement Policy

Post  Admin on Sat Nov 07, 2009 8:25 am

If two players are involved in a scene when the ST's aren't available, and dice need to be rolled, we don't have a problem with the players working it out between themselves. We also expect our players not to pressure each other in this regard. It is ALWAYS, ALWAYS OK to ask to hold a scene for the storytellers, even if there are no dice being rolled, and you just need a clarification of something.

Also, if you are wanting to take an action with regards to the scenery or faceless masses that would require a die roll, if the ST's are not available and the effects of the action will not last outside that scene, like picking a pocket for a few bucks, or busking on a street corner, go ahead and roll it yourself or just call it an auto success. If you are doing something that is going to impact the game for more than that moment, please check in with us.

We've got a couple of players who are completely new to the World of Darkness, and several who have done little to no forum gaming before. Plotting against somebody IC doesn't preclude helping the player understand their options. Be nice to the newbies!

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