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Camarilla characters will know this.

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Camarilla characters will know this.

Post  ST Team on Tue Nov 22, 2016 11:24 pm

Here's the formal declaration that was promulgated throughout the Camarilla in December of 2012.

"7th of December, Two Thousand Twelve, Common Era. To all who shall see these presents, greeting. Know ye that we, the Inner Circle of the Camarilla, do hereby declare that the Domain of Sacramento, California has abandoned the principles that govern our sect. Through willful collusion with the Sabbat, actively working to further the Lupine agenda, undermining the foundations and institutions of the Camarilla, and open defiance of the Inner Circle, the Prince of Sacramento, his officers, and his subjects, have demonstrated their disregard for the Camarilla and everything for which it stands. Therefore, by unanimous decree, we hereby declare that Sacramento is no longer part of the Camarilla. 

Know ye that all debts of Prestation owed to residents of Sacramento are null and void effective immediately. No future debts of Prestation will be recognized. All officers and Primogen of Sacramento are hereby stripped of Status. Common residents who renounce their ties to Nathanael de Crèvecoeur, also known as Nathaniel Crocker, may petition for residency and consideration in other Domains."

Signed and sealed by the six members of the Inner Circle of the Camarilla.

Shortly after, Prince Nathaniel Crocker declared Sacramento to be a wholly independent and sovereign Principality.
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